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Recruit the right Sales Professional

Recruiting Sales Professionals is a challenging task. 10% to 30% of all Sales Professionals really (over) perform and deliver what is expected. This is a reality that has been made public by different studies from respected institutes like Harvard. It also means that many sales people are underperforming where it’s expected for them to perform.

Fact is also that when recruiting Sales Professionals many candidates slip through the procedure and end up getting the job which they are not fit for. CV enhancement consulting firms are flourishing and most sales people know how to sell themselves! 

Hiring the wrong sales person can be a very costly experience. Not only the paid salary and expenses can be written off, but what about the missed market opportunities and revenue.

We have a solution for this. We have developed a method which will find the right sales (management) candidates for you and which will assist you in achieving a successful ramp-up period.


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